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Need help? 01254 879 220

ComDent 2 Years Limited Guarantee

All Comdent Dental Instruments Comes with the **limited guranteed against defects arrising from the defect in material and workman ship for the period of 24 months starting from the date of purchase of instruments from or Authorised Dealer

The warranty period is exceptionally three (3) months for products with a life inherently shorter than 24 months due to normal wear and tear (for example tips of hand instruments, tips of ultrasonic scalers, tips of endodontic files, front surface mirrors and grinding stones of  sharpening devices) and dental instruments manufactured by third party manufacturer (hereinafter “Third Party”).

This warranty shall not apply to Products or parts thereof;
a) which have been subject to abuse, misuse, negligence or accident
b) any defect arrising for poor cleaning, not follwoing the standard procedures of cleaning and sterilization.

This limitation of liability does not apply in respect of any damage caused by, to personal private property, or personal injury or death.

The sole and exclusive remedy under this warranty shall be limited to to repair or replacement of defective parts or instruments, EXW Comdent, providing that a written claim of the defect is sent to Comdent within the warranty period and the original part is returned to Comdent by the buyer itself, and Comdent’s inspection establishes the existence of such a defect.

The customer must contact the Comdent or Authorised dealer whom the Products were purchased to request repair or replacement under this warranty and a written claim of the defects and send the original Product to the Authorized Dealer. This warranty is void if service or repair is performed by persons not authorized by Comdent.

Any products not manufactured by ComDent, carries only such warranty, if any, as given by any manufacturer thereof. In no event shall ComDent be liable for any general, consequential or incidental damages, loss of use or loss of profits by reason of Comdent’s negligence or otherwise in connection with the sale, repair or use of the Products.

ComDent shall have no liability whatsoever to the Authorized Dealer or end customer or any other person for or on account of any injury, loss or damage of any kind or nature, sustained by, or any damages assessed or asserted against, or any other liability incurred by or imposed upon the handling, use, operation, maintenance or repairs of Products by anyone other than Comdent.

ComDent’s Deciosn will be final and shall not be chanllaged in any case.



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